WRKRazzle is now available for download on GitHub!

The latest version of NTOSBE may be also found at the following URL:

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The WRKRazzle is a repackaged version of the Windows Research Kernel v1.2 that is compatible with the NTOSBE Razzle environment.

As compared to the standard Windows Research Kernel distribution, WRKRazzle offers the following advantages:

  • Multiprocessor build is supported through the magic of the Razzle Build Utility (build.exe).
  • Kernel (base\ntos\ke) service table is automatically generated from service.tab.
  • Runtime (base\ntos\rtl) error.h is automatically generated from generr.c.
  • The build infrastructure is much cleaner than the hack-job makefile build environment provided with the WRK.
  • Razzle is what Microsoft internally uses.


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