WRKRazzle is now available for download on GitHub!

The latest version of NTOSBE may be also found at the following URL:

If you would like to read the original post on BetaArchive, click here.


The WRKRazzle is a repackaged version of the Windows Research Kernel v1.2 that is compatible with the NTOSBE Razzle environment.

As compared to the standard Windows Research Kernel distribution, WRKRazzle offers the following advantages:

  • Multiprocessor build is supported through the magic of the Razzle Build Utility (build.exe).
  • Kernel (base\ntos\ke) service table is automatically generated from service.tab.
  • Runtime (base\ntos\rtl) error.h is automatically generated from generr.c.
  • The build infrastructure is much cleaner than the hack-job makefile build environment provided with the WRK.
  • Razzle is what Microsoft internally uses.


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Regarding the OpenNT Project

If you are one of the users who have been redirected to this blog from opennt.net, I regret to inform you that the OpenNT Project website you are looking for no longer exists.

After a lot of attempts have been made on BetaArchive to collaborate on the goal of driving something useful out of the old NT source code, I’ve decided to scrap the project as an entity due to lack of any significant progress and the manpower required to achieve once ambitiously planned out goals.

However, this does not mean that the concept of OpenNT is dead per se. There are a few other individuals still working on their own projects based on the original OpenNT repository (also known as, old-src) and I myself will keep working on various projects like that in the future- just not as much as I used to.

Here are some useful links for those who are interested in the remnants of the old OpenNT Project:
BetaArchive Post (Windows NT 4 Source Compiled! version 2)
OpenNT Project Website (archive.org, from 3 Dec. 2015)
OpenNT Releases
OpenNT Project YouTube Channel

Links to the latest copy of OpenNT Repositories:
NTOSBE: https://github.com/stephanosio/NTOSBE
OpenNT-MinKernel: https://github.com/stephanosio/OpenNT-MinKernel
WRKRazzle: https://github.com/stephanosio/WRKRazzle
MinNT: https://github.com/stephanosio/MinNT (no longer available)
old-src: https://github.com/stephanosio/old-src (no longer available)