WRKRazzle is now available for download on GitHub!

The latest version of NTOSBE may be also found at the following URL:

If you would like to read the original post on BetaArchive, click here.


The WRKRazzle is a repackaged version of the Windows Research Kernel v1.2 that is compatible with the NTOSBE Razzle environment.

As compared to the standard Windows Research Kernel distribution, WRKRazzle offers the following advantages:

  • Multiprocessor build is supported through the magic of the Razzle Build Utility (build.exe).
  • Kernel (base\ntos\ke) service table is automatically generated from service.tab.
  • Runtime (base\ntos\rtl) error.h is automatically generated from generr.c.
  • The build infrastructure is much cleaner than the hack-job makefile build environment provided with the WRK.
  • Razzle is what Microsoft internally uses.


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7 thoughts on “WRKRazzle

  1. Nice to see you again in the net and going well. Also is very useful to have a Git repo of WRKRazzle, as with GitHub is possible to get a clone with the complete log story, unlike with SVN.

    1. Thanks. While I’m not a big fan of Git and GitHub, I decided to use it anyway since it would enable many existing GitHub users to effortlessly “fork” my repositories.

      1. xD

        Hey, would be possible to bring back your private svn repos one short time more? Would be the last chance to take a peek to that chunk of unvaluable history… I have that wish.

        1. Unfortunately, I no longer have the old private SVN repo server images (I’ve deleted them because my disk array was running out of space and, at this time, I only have the file content backup of them).

          1. OMG… For a moment i got scared to hell when i read the word “deleted” O_O.
            Well, as long as you keep under vault a copy of the complete content of these source images, there’s a hope to see them… One day.
            Please NEVER EVER delete them… Them are big chunk of the whole NT story, as technology and OS evolution. Would be the equivalent to destroy the Rosetta stone, or the Sumerian clay tables library.

  2. Hey Stephanos, Did you gave a small look to MinocaOS (minocacorp_com)?
    Seems an interesting piece of software. Basically these guys brought the concept of “NT architecture building a better *nix OS than *nix” ™ to reality.

    1. Never heard of it until I just read your comment. It is indeed a very interesting piece of work mimicking many aspects of NT coding style and even the architecture itself. I’m also quite impressed by the amount of work they put into this.

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